10 benefits of becoming a volunteer

Posted on the 8th September 2016

Volunteering – making a real difference in your community by donating your time to projects and people – might be the reason you volunteer. But volunteers themselves get a lot out of the experience as well.

Here are some of benefits of getting out there and becoming a volunteer:

1. Build skills and experience

2. Improve your job prospects: Add volunteering to your CV.

3. Meet new people 

4. Improve your health: As well as keeping you active, research shows that volunteering can be good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

5. Find out what’s happening in your community: Get to the local groups and events by getting involved. 

6. Take a break from work and the daily grind: Do something different from what you do at your day job.

7. Feel like you’re making a positive difference

8. Experience something new: Volunteering can take you to new places and allow you to experience different cultures.

9. Get involved in something you’re interested in: Like sport? Volunteer at your local sports club. Love music? Sign up to volunteer at a music festival.

10. Have fun!

Sound good? Go ahead and get out there, and make a difference in the lives of those you volunteer for, as well as your own.

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