Five tips for winning Power to Change funding

Posted on the 17th October 2016

The Bright Ideas Fund is open! The Community Business Bright Ideas Fund aims to give community groups the support and tools to start setting up their own community business. It will also give your group the early stage finance to carry out consultation with local people and feasibility studies to develop a community business idea the community wants and needs. Locality have put together a list with five tips for winning Power to Change funding.

Five tips on applying for funding

Interested in making an application for Power to Change funding? Check these tips to help make your application a success:

1. Read the application criteria – it’s important to know whether your organisation, or what you need funding for, is eligible. Power to Change have provided more information on this here. It’s important to read it and discuss it with colleagues. If you are a Locality member get in touch with one of our staff who’ll be happy to talk to you. You can also read through the Bright Ideas Fund guidance notes here.

2. Accountable to the local community? – think about how you can demonstrate (provide evidence) in your application that your community has a real say in how your organisation is run – do you carry our regular consultations, or maybe members of the local community are part of your board?

3. Explain impact – this is about how the project for which you’re seeking funding will make a difference to your organisation and your community.

4. Match the funding – like a lot of funders Power to Change would like to see their funding ‘unlock’ other funding. Competition will be high so make sure you get in as much funding for your project as possible. This could be from crowdfunding and community shares, other grants, loans and ‘in-kind’ support that is free but which you might have otherwise had to pay for.

5. Get another ‘pair of eyes’ – sometimes we can get too close to a project and can’t see the wood for the trees. It happens to everyone – so get someone who hasn’t worked on the project – or who is external to your organisation but knows you – to have a look and be the critical friend that can provide some constructive feedback.

Before you apply for the Bright Ideas Fund, be sure to read through the guidance notes first.

This blog first appeared on Locality’s site.

Image: Locality member’s Bootstrap in Dalston, who won Power to Change funding in June 2015

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