Supporting coastal regeneration with the Coastal Communities Fund

Posted on the 22nd March 2017

Communities Week 2017: Find out how the Coastal Communities Fund supports seaside areas to build strong local economies.

More than 11 million people live across the coast and the tourism industry across 150 seaside resorts contributes £4 billion to the economy each year. The government is keen to help all of our seaside areas prosper and continues to provide its support to help bring the changes necessary to build strong local economies.

The government recognises that coastal communities face particular challenges but have huge economic potential. Our key policy approaches reflect the importance of community involvement to support coastal regeneration. These include:

Empowering coastal communities

We have provided £1.46m to help establish 146 Coastal Community Teams covering the majority of the English coastline, including 28 new CCTs announced on 20 January 2017. The Teams empower local partners and the local community take control of their own areas’ regeneration. The original 118 Teams published Economic Plans setting out locally agreed short term and longer term priorities to enable their area to promote jobs and economic growth.

These plans will be updated by April 2017 along with the 28 new Teams who will submit their first plans by 31 March 2017. Each one has produced an Economic Plan which can be found here.

Supporting coastal areas create jobs and investment

By 2017 the Coastal Communities Fund will have invested over £120 million in projects which and is helping to create or safeguard over 18,000 jobs, provide more than 12,000 training places and apprenticeships, and attract over £200 million of public/ private sector co-finance.

We are shortly to announce the outcome of the fourth round of projects worth £40m. For the first time Coastal Community Teams have been able to bid or support applications for Coastal Communities Fund thereby ensuring a project is a priority for the local area and community. Details of the projects we have funded can be found here.

Making the Links

We are setting up Coastal Networks to enable the Coastal Community Teams support themselves and help each other find solutions to common issues. We are linking national support organisations to work with Coastal Community Teams on bespoke place based issues.

If you live in a coastal community and want to get involved with your local Coastal Community Team, their Economic Plan can be found here, including the detail of your local contact.


Find out more about the Coastal Communities Fund here

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