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Posted on the 13th September 2018

Nottingham City Council and partners were supported by the Controlling Migration Fund from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). The fund was launched in November 2016 to help local authorities mitigate the impacts of recent migration on communities in their area.

The fund supported a programme that supports activities specially designed to connect communities, bring people together and make Nottingham a great place for everyone to live. Nottingham has a strong partnership in place and the council, the voluntary sector and the community have all worked together to deliver a range of exciting activities. Here are just a few of things that have been going on:

  • A ‘PlayWorks’ Project Co-ordinator and events across the Summer of 2018 to encourage and facilitate Street Play, bringing children and adult residents together.

  • 61 small grants have been awarded (so far), ranging from Community food projects, sports groups, dance, arts and craft activities, employment skills training, and support groups for alcohol and drug issues.

One such grant was used to fund 4 days of holiday activity at the Greenway Centre in Sneinton, for young people from different schools who would otherwise not be able to afford it. The organiser gave us some feedback;

“The scheme has been successful in bringing together young people from different sections of the community. Many of the young people who attend our holiday programmes live streets apart yet they do not know each other, this social integration is (a) success because they can start to form lifelong friendships at an early age…”

  • 170 events have also been supported since the start of the programme. These range from local food festivals and community street parties, tree planting and children’s picnics to language classes and sports tournaments.

The hugely successful Leslie Road Street Party, was supported by Engagement Officer Asad Fazil, who says;

“…it was led by residents who helped with decorating the street, cooking food, keeping it safe and helping to run play activities. Now the residents are working on becoming a constituted group and are hoping to have an annual street party and more frequent play events.”


Toni Price
Head of Community Engagement and Equalities
Nottingham City Council

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