How to add an image to the Forum

You can change your profile picture on the Forum using a programme called Gravatar. Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to change it.

  1. First click here to visit the correct page on Gravatar
  2. Select the button on the page which says ‘Create Your Own Gravatar’
  3. Sign in using the same email you used to sign up to the Forum. You will then also need to choose a username which can be anything (note that everyone has unique username so it might take a few tries and different combinations to pick one no one else has – try adding in numbers or dates after your name). At this point you’ll also be able to set your password which can be anything (as long as you’ll remember it).
  4. Click ‘Sign up’
  5. You’ll then be sent a confirmation email to the address you imputed. Go on to your email and open the one from
  6. Click ‘Activate Account’ button.
  7. A webpage should then automatically open and you should be able to sign in to your account from there.
  8. A page will then come up saying ‘Manage Gravatars’ – click ‘Add new image’
  9. You can then choose ‘Upload New’ > browse and find a picture you want to use of yourself. Choose file > click ‘next’
  10. Then, crop your image to the size you want it and press ‘Crop and finish’
  11. Select the G rated box
  12. Then go down to option ‘2. Pick New Image’ click on the picture and press ‘confirm’
  13. Your image should now update on the Forum and you can close Gravatar.

Please note: If you’d like to change your picture again you can just go to Gravatar, sign in with your details, go on ‘My Gravatars’ and pick a new image (then follow step 11).