Champion role description

Thank you for becoming a My Community Champion!

By sharing your time, skills and expertise you are helping others right across England to take control and transform their communities.

Joining My Community as a Champion means that you automatically become a part of the My Community Network, the national network of ambitious and inspirational local leaders who, like you, are passionate about local action.

There are five categories of My Community Champion, and you could fall into one or more of these:

  • Neighbourhood Planning Champions
  • Community Economic Development Champions
  • Community Led Housing Champions
  • Community Asset Champions
  • Service Transformation Champions.

What does being a Champion mean?

We are incredibly grateful that you are volunteering your time to help people like you get more involved in their local community.

The key role of the My Community Champions is to inspire, inform and encourage. This means:

  • Inspire: share your story
  • Inform: know where resources are to sign-post people
  • Encourage: be an honest broker and share practical tips.

Specifically, we ask our Champions to get involved in four simple activities, as described below.

Taking queries through the My Community Champion map

The Champion map on the My Community website features all our Champions right across the country. It shows your name, local, and your Champion category. Through the map, local people will be invited to contact you (we will keep your personal contact details hidden) to ask a question about the local area or your experience. You will not be expected to give technical or specialist advice, but rather share your past experience and sign-post local people to other local resources.

Being an active part of the My Community Forum

The forum on the My Community website is a space for people across the country to ask a question or ask for support about their work in their local community across a range of topics. As a Champion, we ask that you sign-up for the forum and comment and reply to posts from others to share your experience and any advice or suggestions you might have.

Meeting up with local people who want to learn more

Sometimes people in your area might prefer the opportunity to talk through a question or issue face to face. There is a fund available to you to host local meet-ups in your area with local people who want to learn more about how to get involved in their community. These could be as simple as a morning coffee meeting in a local café.

Being featured as a speaker or host at events

Occasionally we will get in touch to ask you to speak at an event or perhaps help plan an event with us. This is completely optional and at your discretion.

We recommend that each Champion volunteers an estimated two to four days of their time per year. But this is just a guide as we know that some of you will have more time, and some will have less.

What you’ll get in return:

  • Access to Locality masterclasses that are an exclusive member benefit, helping you to develop your skills (for example on awareness raising or media work)
  • The chance to attend regional and national networking meetings, offering support on issues arising and the chance to hear from experts and Government officials on key issues
  • The chance to be profiled on our national Champion map and forum with a tag showing you’re an expert in your field
  • The chance to meet with other organisations and like-minded people in your area, to start new relationships and do even more to make a difference in your own community
  • Regular newsletters to let you know about ways to get involved in the network and to tell you about upcoming events and activities
  • Your expenses covered whenever you undertake Champions activity
  • Access to a Champions fund for you to run local meet-ups.

Most importantly, you’ll know that you’re having a direct impact in helping your local community take control of their area and improve it for everyone. And with Champions like you all over the country, that makes a significant difference on a national scale!

Thanks again for becoming a My Community Champion!

Download your role description here