Community-led Housing

We have separated these questions out into three categories:

– The community-led housing process.


Note: The Community-led Buildings grant programme has now closed. We are no longer accepting applications.

The community-led housing process

Do we have to secure the land before we start our project?

It is important to be very sure that the land or buildings can be secured before serious time or financial resources are committed to developing the project.

Funders usually require applicants to have a secure interest in the land i.e., to own it or to have a reasonable length of lease on it. Site acquisition may be undertaken through the open market, through community asset transfer, partnerships with property owning organisations,compulsory purchase (community asset transfer) by the local authority under certain circumstances, or other means. It may involve purchase, leasing, rental or other arrangements. It may be worth considering Community Right to Bid in terms of identifying suitable land.