Building your project management team

Moving from feasibility work to detailed project planning and building a project management team is a crucial step on the road to a successful community-led housing project.

Detailed design proposals are necessary in order to gain full planning permission – and to do this you need a team of professionals: architects, builders, surveyors and the project manager.

Project management

Defining the precise project elements, detailed plans, costs and permissions are usually overseen by a professional project manager – often a chartered surveyor, architect or other built environment professional. This project manager will very often be part of a professional team.

The professional team

The professional team is the practice or group of practices and individuals that will formulate the development proposals and help to manage and deliver the project. Often it will be led by an architectural practice. It can also include other professionals, such as engineers and quantity surveyors.

Working with a professional team

Following the appointment of the professional team, a meeting should be held to run through the brief and discuss working arrangements. This will often include clarification of:

  • The main contacts for your group and the professional team
  • Liaison with your group, including regularity of meetings
  • Procedures for agreeing different stages of work and amendments
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Responsibilities held by your group and the professional team.

What needs to be handled by professionals?

These roles may vary greatly and could depend on the available skills within your community group, the available budget and the nature of the project. However, you are likely to need professional help to cover the following:

  • Detailed designs and plans
  • Obtaining consents
  • On-site project management at the construction phase
  • Contract management (contractors)
  • Health and safety issues.

Also take care to ensure that you have strong governance and are able to exert appropriate controls over the professional team.

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