Community-led housing design process

The community-led housing design process is integral to how well a development functions, its running costs, sustainability, social inclusion, quality of life and durability.

Together, these can make the difference between an exemplar scheme or a project that needs redeveloping in 25-30 years.

Detailed plans will also allow the construction costs of development proposals to be estimated.

The impact of design

The design of buildings and places, streets and spaces can have a significant impact on human well-being and quality of life. Bear these in mind when working up your project.

  • Design and standards cover a wide range of issues including: Pedestrian convenience and ease of movement
  • Quality of the public realm, including streets and spaces
  • Making sure car parking is well integrated and does not dominate
  • Safety and natural surveillance
  • Room size and internal standards flexibility home working room height and size
  • Response to topography, landscape, historic contexts, etc.

Building for Life by the Design Council is a good guide to design considerations.

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