Support & Grants

The Community Economic Development programme is now in it’s second year, supporting communities to produce an economic plan.

Applications to the programme are now closed.

The Community Economic Development programme offered the following grants & support to selected communities, to help them produce a well-supported, dynamic and deliverable local economic plan:

A flexible grant

A grant of up to £5,000 is available to communities to support the development of their plan. This grant could be used to fund various activities including further consultation within their community, accessing professional support to develop technical aspects of the plan, or support to produce the plan.

Tailored support

A Dedicated Adviser

All communities were allocated an experienced adviser who acted as the main point of contact, providing guidance and support through each stage of the programme.


With your adviser, you will be able to:

  • Work with groups to build initial support for the community’s involvement, pulling together a local leadership team of representatives from the community, local businesses and the public sector
  • Deliver a full-day workshop to explore possibilities, identify priorities and potential activities that will form the basis of the plan. This workshop will also help to identify further support groups may wish to access and how the grant could be used to help develop initial ideas.
  • Help to configure and submit  grant and technical support applications based on the outcome of the workshop
  • You will continue receiving support from your advisor over the course of the programme, including reviews of your draft and final CED plans.

Technical Support

In combination with the grant, the programme partners provided four days of additional specialist technical assistance to each community, to help them write their plan.

Advisers helped groups determine what technical support they will receive through the CED programme. Based on the wide variety of delivery partners involved in the programme, we were able to provide a wide range of technical support, from business planning to facilitation support. There are no specific restrictions as to the technical support that groups can apply for, as long as it can be shown to advance their CED plan.