It’s called the Community Right to Build.

Communities can now decide what should be built in their communities and where. A Community Right to Build Order (the official name) allows you to achieve automatic planning permission for community buildings, such as halls, community centres or sporting arenas, and even homes.

Community Right to Build Orders are often attached to a neighbourhood plan, but also work on their own.

The benefits of the Community Right to Build

  • Any profit must be used for community benefit (even if the community organisation doesn’t own the development)
  • If it’s used to build affordable housing, the community can make sure that the homes remain affordable in to the future
  • Any increase in housing can help boost the local economy, support local services and increase employment
  • Any community – rural or urban – can decide to take one forward

Follow our Step-by-step to a Community Right to Build Order for a detailed overview of the process.

Community-led Building projects

Community-led Buildings are at the very heart of local neighbourhoods, providing places to live, meet, work and access services.

See our step-by-step guide for the basic overview of a community-led building project.

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Take our step-by-step journey to building your own community-led buildings.

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