Support & Grants

There are many different options to secure funds to make your idea or project happen.

We’ve listed grants, loans, crowdfunding and community shares options that are available for your project.

Raising Finance Options

When raising investment for starting or growing community projects, there are two main types of funding streams you can consider:


  • Grants (from government or charitable trusts)
  • Donations (from individuals and philanthropists)
  • Crowdfunding (online fundraising from lots of donors)


  • Bank loans & mortgages (from commercial & specialist banks)
  • Equity (e.g. Community Shares)
  • Social investment (a range of repayable finance from specialist social investors who expect a social & financial ‘return’).

 Good Finance

Good Finance, helps charities and social enterprises navigate social investment. Find out more on their website.

Non-repayable finance options


Blended finance streams

You are not limited to just one form of fund raising – in fact we would encourage you to blend/mix a number of types to obtain your finance raising targets. It is considered a healthy approach for an organisation to mix funding models (donations, community shares and loans) as part of their funding strategy.

Read more about blended finance streams below.