Thousands of community assets – buildings, shops, pubs and green spaces are successfully owned or managed by community organisations across England.

Your community can too by nominating, transferring or taking over their local assets.

Nominate local assets such as pubs, shops, historical buildings and green spaces by nominating them as Assets of Community Value.

Transfer land or buildings from local authority to the community with Community Asset Transfer.

Take over management or ownership of land and buildings with the Community Right to Bid.

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Nominate local assets of Community Value (ACVs)

Places and spaces that are important to your local community: town halls, swimming pools, pubs, parks, churches, historical landmarks, can be nominated as as Assets of Community Value.

Manage or own local assets

Community Asset Transfer

Assets that are owned by a statutory body (such as a local authority) can be transferred to be managed or owned by a community based organisation potentially at less than market value, if it has social, economic or environmental benefits for the community.

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Community Right to Bid

When an Asset of Community Value goes up for sale, interested local organisations can use the Community Right to Bid to invoke a moratorium (a ‘pause’ in the sale process) for up to six months, giving the community the opportunity to raise the funds to bid for the asset on the open market.

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Community Ownership and Management of Assets programme

The Community Ownership and Management of Assets programme supported partnerships between local public bodies (such as local authorities) and community groups (including parish councils) to develop multiple asset transfer or single, ground breaking asset projects in 2015/16.

Applications for this programme are now closed.

Community Asset case studies